Macadam Gallery is very pleased to present you the new solo show “Cosmogonie” by the Belgian artist Sophie Cauvin.

“Sophie is a Belgian painter and artist out of time. Beyond codes. Beyond fashion trends. Far from the rustlings of ordinary languages. Listening in a meditative mood to the field’s relativist equations. Listening to vortex and backwashes. Maybe for the first time in history of art, she allows us to catch the immaculate reflection of this era without duration.

“An era whose essence is mathematical, preceding the burning emergence of time and space. With Sophie, alongside her, on her infinite eyes’span, it becomes possible to detect in a crystal’s radiation the quantum vacuum announcing one billion years ago the star-studded sky.

“In this way Sophie, the Belgian painter, will forever escape the cosmetic round of ages and fashion trends. Combining a profound aesthetic with an overwhelming power, she invites us to dream about these universal forms, about these transcendental entities which beckon us from the hereafter of our world, irradiating their beauty, without allowing us to name them.”

Grischka & Igor Bogdanov

© Jules Césure, 2021

Through sands, soils and other mysterious materials as precious stones, the artist reveals her new works and invites us to enter her Cosmos.

Faille, Ceramic, 85×30 cm, available at the gallery.
Oeuf Cosmique, Mixed media on wood, 105×50 cm, available at the gallery.
Calotte glacière, Mixed media on wood, 110 cm, available at the gallery.

© Jules Césure, 2021

Trou noir, 110x180cm.
Pyrite Astrale, Mixed media on wood, (180×180) + (58×42) + (40×25) + (35×35)cm.

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