Macadam Gallery is pleased to present “Cosmic Spring”, the first solo exhibition in Belgium of the Czech artist Jan Kaláb.

After Paris, Madrid, Shanghai and London, Jan Kaláb is entering a new cycle of work for this solo exhibition, which will be held at the Macadam Gallery in Brussels from 26 March to 18 April 2021.

He welcomes us into Cosmic Spring : an exclusive poetic exhibition full of colors...

Jungle Medusa, Acrylic on canvas, 90x140cm. 2021.

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© Jules Césure, 2021

Sunset Void, 100x170x22cm. 2021.
Jan Kaláb is a complete artist. His work is made up of magnificent organic paintings. First, he creates for them a nest, a place to rest and to resonate with space. Some canvas with poetic shapes are taut and settled. These canvases constitute a medium for dialogue : a place through which the artist can express himself and reach his public.  
Cosmic Wave, Acrylic & spray paint, 65x202x17cm. 2021.

© Vojtech Pollack, 2021

Your Intergalatic Friend, 155x200x10cm. 2021.

In my organic works I’m playing more with shapes and tones which are about feelings, emotions and further imagination.

Bright Cloverleaf, Acrylic & spray paint on canvas,
105x105cm. 2021.
Sunset Void, 100x170x22cm. 2021.
The Czech artist brings them to life. His brush meets the painting and starts blending the shades. That is how Jan Kaláb opens for us the gates of his cosmic world. His paintings, in contact with air, reveal their most beautiful color gradients.
The volume give to the canvas a story of their own. In this manner, each artwork has its personality and is part of an artistic research which play with our imagination.
Aztec Sun, Acrylic on canvas, 120x120x15cm. 2021.

“My color selection depends on my mood or maybe better to say the mood which I would like to capture. I play with mixing tones and blend them together. I’m very inspired by sunlight going through the atmosphere. In other words It is so amazing to look at the sky or observe shadows and color reflections in different moments. This is maybe what I’m trying to share in my latest work.“

Flame of life, Acrylic on canvas, 205cm. 2021.
Violet Amorfoid, Acrylic on canvas, 97x148x45cm. 2021.

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