Macadam Gallery is very pleased to present you the new solo show “ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT” by DANIEL MIRCHEV.

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Zoom Installation, Plywood, 232×18 cm, 2022

© labelleequipe, 2022

DANIEL MIRCHEV about his art :

« I like to create forms, and, further worlds around them, built on a small fragment from the whole.

When a detached detail loses its connection with the initial, original context of the “whole”, it takes on a life of its own – it creates an own visage, filling up the space by its own meanings thus becoming an independent object, from which the viewer, in turn, creates his own and completely independent story.

Emancipation of the detail. Emancipation of the matter from which the detail is created.

Cashmere, silk, paper…

These are materials that serve in everyday life, constantly taking different shapes and state. But if for a second of time we pick out one detail of their momentary state, and magnify it, we will bring it closer to us. So we will see the resulting form up close and detached from everything else. Its past will disappear and leave space for newly created beauty that will give birth to new connections and allegories.

« I like to create forms taken out of context because then they become charged with purity and unadulterated aesthetics. I think that when I deprive them of their world, they give birth to a new attitude, a new connotation, a new life.

I love to create. I love the process of creation. I love reinventing lines and volumes from familiar everyday life by placing them in sculptural forms.

I am drawn to infinity both outside (beyond the limits we humans can see) and inside the matter. The discoveries are equally exciting in both directions.

I do not necessarily look for the beauty. Often the ugly is much more provocative to me. But over time I discovered that beauty is contained in everything, especially in simplicity. I think it is inherent in all artists to become more laconic over time. »

Daniel Mirchev, 2022

Black Silk, Plywood, 125×18 cm, 2022

Zooming, Plywood, 75x75x6 cm.

The sensation of the touch

« The Cashmire sculptures by Daniel Mirchev Duna belong to that territory in art where classic meets modernity and the details taken out of their context are charged with messages of a fully completed creative act. If we imagine for a moment the textiles in the Renaissance sculptures – without the figural compositions – all the draperies, veils, folded cloaks, clothes, we will get into the messages of the contemporary art objects. The detail becomes a self-contained work of art rendered as a symbol and a visual code. The initial wonder in front of Daniel sculptures is accompanied by a subsequent desire to touch them and to make sure your eyes are not deceiving you. »

Marieta Tzenova, art director and curator, working in Bulgaria and Great Britain

Hyper Zoom, Plywood, 140x100x18 cm. 2022.

Hyper Zoom: The Line , Plywood, 245x80x18 cm. 2022.

It’s all about freedom

« A lively dynamic can be seen in the works of the artist Daniel Mirchev. His works oscillate between geometric-abstract art and contemporary design. In his elegant compositions, the line is the all-important component of the work process. Mirchev’s practice is the exploration of the substance and effect of curved as well as straight lines. Grid structures and line structures can be read as analytical, abstracting, or intuitive translations of everyday suggestions. In this way, his works acquire a magical charm that gives rise to the metaphysical and transcendent. The artist uses his creative imagination and knowledge of geometry, space, compositions, and harmony to create his works. The accumulated materialized energy, escapes with great vitality, through lines and waves towards freedom. »

Kostner Valentine, curator at Vijion Art Gallery, Italy

Cashmere, Plywood, 220x120x20 cm. 2022.

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