20th october 2022



Macadam Gallery is very pleased to present the exhibition ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT by DANIEL MIRCHEV.

Daniel’s exhibition is like a series of visions shot from a close distance and showing the objects on a large scale. When you look at something close-up, you see the details much closer and in a different context. If you zoom in too much, sometimes you won’t even know what you’re seeing. You will see completely different things. Conversely, when you zoom out, you’ll see the big picture, but you might miss some subtleties and nuances. Zooming allows us to view images from many perspectives. Likewise, Daniel’s sculptures provide us with a metaphor for the depth of the everyday life around us.

Zoom out of context explores how far the imagination can go when it is confined within certain material boundaries. Daniel’s sculptures play with both the figurative and the abstract and build his artistic world on the edge between them.

The material he chooses also contributes to the play between imaginary and real – in recent years, Daniel has been creating his works from plywood. The material is interesting for the author, because due to its layering, during its processing it creates new and independent lines and images that appear parallel to those created by him. This for Daniel is a continuous play with the material, which leads to a fabulous harmony between volume and lines.

Daniel’s sculptures transport us to an imaginary world that we create based on an exquisitely presented detail.

  • OPENING NIGHT : 20 October 2022
  • EXHIBITION : 21.10.2022 to 27.11.2022