MACADAM GALLERY is thrilled to present its new collective exhibition Summer Memories.

For this summer season Macadam selected 5 of its greatest artists to present their works and creativity sources: David Moreno, Asa Johansson, Esmael Bahrani, Andrzej Urbanski, Emeric Chantier and François Bonnel.

Our first artist, David Moreno, is known for his series of architectural sculptures : Floating Favelas. The Spanish artist centers his investigation on the relation between architecture and human communities by creating pieces that invite us to submerge in his houses. Moreno’s works create an architecture of the imagination due his ability to establish a relation between our memories and the universe of its sculpture.

The ability to create new physical spaces is the line that ties up Moreno and our second presented artist: Asa Johansson. The Swedish artist produces elegante sculptures that equilibrates the balance of geometrical works and the delicacy of the colors. Each piece has its unique identity and it is simultaneously built by the forms of its companions : even when separated, they conserve the shape of their neighbors pieces on its surface.

The exhibition follows with the work of the Iranian artist, Esmael Bahrani. The paintings of Esmael inspired by his youth in the Teeran’s streets, are expressive forces that reveal the intensity and the combative soul of the artist. Through the use of colors and textures, Esmael builds amorphous shapes who speak about its roots.

The essentiality of the memorie is equally in the center of Andrzej Urbanski. Like his colleagues, his works are directly inspired by his souvenirs and feelings. Each color and shape is an important piece in a puzzle that exprimes the artist deepers sentiments. Through his paintings and compositions, Urbanski searches to be as perfect as a machine by creating a beautiful balance between the human sensibility and the machinery precision.

This human sensibility is the guideline that builds the dialogue with our next artist: Emeric Chantier. This French artist from Montreuil investigates the relation between nature and human beings by creating magnificent sculptures. Its pieces, produced with mixed materials, remind us of our deep relation with nature and our roots.

EXHIBITION : summer 2023
10:00 AM > 05:30 PM.