François Bonnel is a French artist.

« It is in 2018 that the artist decided to devote himself full-time to his passion for painting and photography and to develop the artistic work he had started twenty-five years earlier, in parallel with his job as a commercial executive in Advertising.

François Bonnel approaches his art in a spontaneous way and explores various fields and creative techniques. He does not seek to convey a message. The curves and the frank and deep colors generate in him a soothing sensation. He paints for pleasure above all … as some people practice a sport, music or … gastronomy. He likes the taste of simple things and seeks above all to do himself good. And if it pleases others, it’s better like that!

His white acrylic paint surfaces are confronted with other bright colors letting imagine the elements represented and their share of shadow. They contrast with the pastel (dry or greasy) and with the greasy chalk lines that cut a path often inspired by the music he listens to while working. »

Drew Aaron (Art collector)


Macadam Gallery Brussels (Belgium) March 2021

Piermarq Gallery Sydney (Australia) 26 Nov-13 Dec
New real/unreal show « Round 4 » Copenhagen  (Denmark)
Virtual show curated by Evan Trine @evanpaultrine – Peter Ibsen @pibsen
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KunStrai Amsterdam (NL) December 2020
Gallery Red -Palma de Mallorque- (Espagne) Juillet 2020
Lille ArtUp 05 au 08 Mars 2020
Miami Art Fair (US) with Boccara Rugs Dec 2020
Galerie Sans ( Toulouse) 4 Nov  2019- 04 Janv 2020

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