31TH MARCH 2022




MACADAM GALLERY is pleased to present a focus on TOMA L’s work.

Toma-L is an author who tells through gestures and speaks across the pigments of paint that he layers on the canvas.
As well abstract as figurative, colored as monochrome, his productions show an assumed ambivalence and a certain mastery of the support and materials.

The artist demonstrates through the freedom and visual strength of his creation an artistic power and an overflowing energy.

Curious to discover and eager to develop his artistic practice every day, Toma-L’s path is an open love letter to art. Through this focus exhibition, come back on 10 years of production and discover the wide spectrum of free figuration through the lens of Toma-L.

Ask for the catalog of works : [email protected]

  • OPENING DAY : 31th March 2022
  • EXHIBITION : 31.03.2022 > 17.04.2022