Åsa Johansson (b.1992) graduated in 2021 with an MFA from Konstfack, Stockholm. She is currently based in Gothenburg where she has set up her own studio and
ceramic workshop.

Åsa Johansson examines the basic geometric shapes in the ceramic process. She is working with casting techniques and exploring the primary forms, challenging the material, and pushing the clay norms to their edge. By relating to geometry, she defy herself to create these precise forms in ceramics. Åsa combine soft, colorful glazes on the surface with a strict body that juxtaposes each other.

She works with the meeting between each form, all to create a harmoniously balanced sculpture. Compositions, spatiality and the negative forms are important parts of her work. Soft colorful glazes on strict hard forms bring the works to life and create an exciting contrast. Despite extreme accuracy throughout the process, she cannot control what happens in the 1260 degree glaze kiln, the sculptures are brought to life and given their own unique expression.

Åsa want the viewer to feel curiosity, hope, joy and courage when they look and explores her sculptures.


I BALANS, Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg.


ANNUAL pt.2, CFHILL, Stockholm.
Konstfack Spring Exhibition, MFA, COLORUM, Konstfack University of Arts,
Crafts, and Design, Stockholm.
TAKEAWAY Pop-up Market for Emerging Art and Design, Galleri Duerr.
ACCESS, digital exhibition, https://craftaccess.se/
It’s not about the journey, CRAFT! Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts, and
Design, Stockholm.
Konstfack Spring Exhibition, BFA, SköntGrönt, Konstfack University of Arts,
Crafts, and Design, Stockholm.
Ursäkta röran, vi ställer ut! Frölunda Kulturhus, Gothenburg.
Spring Exhibition, KV Konstskola, Gothenburg
Spring Exhibition, KV Konstskola, Gothenburg.