Katy Ann Gilmore’s main artistic focus is centered on how to make something complex out of simple parts. ARRAY is the action to arrange a group of things in a particular and attractive way. To do so, the artist though, for this exhibition, about artworks that deals with transparency and opacity between line and layers. In addition to that, she pursued her recurrent artistic obsession of taking a two-dimensional simple art material and transforming them into a three-dimensional feature. All of these artistic researches are mastered, by Katy Ann Gilmore, thanks to a unique and impressive fusion between her passion for mathematics and her unique artistic vision.

These artistic researches introduce the public through the problematic of how can we understand depth, perspective and how we interpret the world around us. In fact, for the artist, the illusion of depth and space are crucial on how we take in our environments and navigate the world around us. As we built up these images through movement, Katy Ann Gilmore wants to get the viewer moving around in physical space. Therefore, in the solo show ARRAY, the public will be exposed to vanishing point shifts, shapes getting skewed and forms on the walls that look more like an entrance into another universe. These movements want to awake the curiosity of the public about how we automatically construct the views of the world around us, given cues via visual phenomena.

This exhibition is a great opportunity to open your vision and your conception of physical space. Thanks to the multidisciplinary talent of Katy Ann Gilmore, the viewers are guaranteed to experience new and exciting visual sensations.

  • EXHIBITION : 22.09.2022 to 16.11.2022