Born in 1983, he lives and works between Milano.

An artist of versatile creativity, he uses an incredible number of materials, both precious and simple, to create sculptures, installations and original works, each infused by a rich vein of humor. He transforms reality by toying with concepts and objects, which, as the artist affirms, “Everything can be transformed, everything can be re-used, everything is re-adaptable”. His works often show a strong bond with nature, bizarre in its micro and macro figurazione. At the same time, Boezio pays a clear homage to technology with its useless knick knacks that man seems practically unable to do without. His work has been shown in exhibitions, and projects in Germany,Spain, England, Belgium, USA.

alessandro boezio


2016 SUREALIST ARE BACK IN DOWNTOWN, curated by Macadam Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium.
2016 THE ARCHETYPE APOTROPAIC ,curated by Ilaria Bignotti, E3 arte contemporanea, Brescia, Italy.
2015 THE ARCHETYPE, curated by Ilaria Bignotti,E3 arte contemporanea, Fondazione Teatro S.Domenico, Crema,Italy.
2012 NATURA MORTA“Stilleben in der aktuellen Kunst “, curated by Isabelle Lesmeister, ElenaHann, Galerie Isabell Lesme ister, Regensburg, Germany.
2011 NATURE MORTE PLASTICHE, MakeMake spazio &arte gallery, Roma,Italy.
2006 PREMIO PATTACINI (4° EDIZ.,v premio alla scultura), curated by Gigliola Fania, text by Maria Vinella, Fondazione Domenico Siniscalco Ceci, Foggia, Italy.


2017 LIMITI-CONFINI,CRAMUM PRIZE, curated by Sabino Maria Frassà, Grande Museo del Duomo, Milano.
CONTEMPORANEAMENTE 2, curated by E3 gallery, Museo MAM, Mantova.
COLORS OF MACADAM #8, by Macadam gallery, Brussels.
2015 CAPACITY, Good Mother gallery, Oakland, California.
COLORS OF MACADAM #4, Macadam gallery, Brussels.
LE 9 ELEMENT, Macadam gallery, Brussels.
2014 CONTEMPORANEAMENTE, E3 Artecontemporanea gallery. Brescia.
L’ARTE CONTEMPORANEA PER DYNAMO CAMP, curated by Graziano Menolascina, La Pelanda, Macro Testaccio,Roma.(cat)
LA METAMORFOSI E IL SIMBOLO ANIMALE TRACK 2, curated by Graziano Menolascina, Spazio Nea, Napoli.(cat)
LA METAMORFOSI E IL SIMBOLO ANIMALE TRACK 2, curated by Graziano Menolascina, Hybrida Contemporanea, Roma.(cat)
2013 LA NATURA DELLE COSE, curated by Giuseppe Bellini & Gaia Valentino, Gallery Bluorg, Bari.
ZOOART – ITINERARI ARTISTICI 2013, curated by Ass.Art.ur – Claudio Cravero, Giardini Fresia, Cuneo.(cat)
NATURA, curated by Graziano Menolascina, Smac Gallery, Roma.(cat)
OPEN // THE GENERATION OF FUTURE, curated by Graziano Menolascina, Gallery Bluorg, Bari .(cat)Read More...

2012 100 CURATORS 100 DAYS, curated by Rebecca Wilson, Margo Spiritus, Saatchi Gallery, London (Uk)
OUVERTURE “Festa delle Arti”, curated by Roberto Lacarbonara,Antonio Frugis ,Nicola Zito,Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali, Polignano a Mare (Ba).
MAKE_ARTISTS 03, curated by Marcella Persichetti, Make Make Gallery,Roma.
ALIMENTUM S.P.A., curated by Gaetano Accettulli, Fondazione Siniscalco Ceci, Foggia.(cat)
MAKEMAKE COLLECTIVE, curated by Marcella Persichetti, MakeMakespazio&arte, Roma.
2011 HAERETICI, curated by Antonino Foti, texts by Alberto Dambruoso, Castello Ducale, Barletta (cat)
STOP ALLO 048 DEGLI OGGETTI, curated by Daniela Aquilia, texts by Giuseppin Radice, Galleria Le Ciminiere,Catania.(cat)
PREMIO PATTACINI, 5°EDIZ., curated by Gigliola Fania, galleria contemporanea ArteOra, Foggia.(cat)
2009 NATURA O SOSTENIBILITA’?, curated and texts by L.Viscosi, A.Spedale, A.Peano,M.D Nardo, E. Perotto, Fondazione Peano, Cuneo./cat)
2007 PALAU ARTE, 7° ediz., Palau , Sassari.(cat)
ARTEFATTO, settimana della cultura , curated andtexts by Gigliola Fania, Palazzo di Città, Foggia.
2005 ANTEPRIMA CONTEMPORANEA, curated by Giovanni Albanese – Gigliola Fania, texts bY Loredana Rea, Palazzo Dogana, Foggia.(cat)
SCOLPITO 2005, curated and texts by Nelida Mendoza, Palazzetto dell’ Arte , Foggia.(cat)


2017 YIA ART FAIR, by E3 arte contemporanea, Paris
ARTVERONA FAIR, by E3 arte contemporanea galley,
2016 ARTE FIERA , curated by E3 arte contemporanea gallery, Bologna
AAF, curated by E3 arte contemporanea gallery, Tour&Taxis, Brussels
2015 STEP ART FAIR, curated by E3 arte contemporanea gallery, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano.
ARTVERONA FAIR, curated by E3 arte contemporanea gallery, Verona Fiere
AAF, curated by E3 arte contemporanea gallery , Super Studio Più, Milano
2014 THE OTHERS, curated by E3 arte contemporanra gallery, Torino
2013 MEDI STONE EXPO, curated by Carrara Fiere, Gigliola Fania- Maria Vinella, Fiera del Levante, Bari.
2012 BLOOOM ART FAIR 2012, curated by Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister ,Koln – Cologne (GE)
2012 PLASTICA E’ ARTE, curated by Dialoga Arte, Fiera Plast, Milano Rho.


2017 CRAMUM PRIZE, Grande Museo del Duomo, Milano
2016 SELEZIONE ARTISTI UNDER 40, Arte Fiera, Bologna
2015 YOUNG TALENTS, Vincitore Young Talents Young Gallery,Affordable Art Fair,Milano
2013 PREMIO ARTGALLERY QUARTA EDIZ. , Finalista Classificato, curated by Ass. Artgallery, Milano.
2012 START HUB PROJECT,Artisti Emergenti della Puglia,Finalista Classificato curated by Fabrica Fluxus Lab, Bari.
2007 PALAU ARTE 7° EDIZ. ,Vincitore Premio D’onore, Centro Documentazione, Palau-Sassari.
2005 GIOVANI TALENTI DELLA CAPITANATA, curated by Giovanni Albanese, Gigliola Fania, texts by Loredana Rea, Palazzo Dogana, Foggia.


2007 PALAU ARTE 7° EDIZ. , Artisti Selezionati dalle Accademie di Belle Arti, Ass. Culturale Naviculae, Palau Sassari

alessandro boezio

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