Macadam Gallery, Vue d'exposition, 2017

Macadam Gallery, Vue d'exposition, 2017

F L Y I N G  H O U S E S

EN_ The "Flying Houses" are inspired by a poetic vision of old Paris, by Jules Vernes, Albert Robida, Moebius, Hayao Miyazaki, Albert Lamorisse, Wim Wenders, Federico Fellini, Marcel Carné, Jean Cocteau and a lot of others references. These buildings are also inspired by poor and cosmopolitan neighborhood of Paris where lives Laurent Chéhère. Through a tragic and melancholic report, they testify poetically and subtly of an alarming contemporary reality by revealing meanders and concerns of a class impoverished by the society, in particular the Gypsies and the immigrants. The author isolates these buildings of their urban context and releases them from the anonymity of the street to tell the life, the dreams and the hopes of these inhabitants. Technically, it’s a photomontage. After a sketch, he photographs hundreds of elements : roof, windows, gutter, fireplace, characters, antennas, graffitiand sky, then assembles everything with a digital retouch software on his computer. In gallery, the images are shown in large format and let the curious observer to discover details and hiden references of these accurate reconstructions by proposing a double reading, one by far and one closely. The artist uses this distance to propose a different point of view and alert against preconceived ideas and prejudices. All the ingredients are there, the comedy, the drama, the poetry, the darkness, the onirism, the laughter and the tears... everything becomes entangled. The author gives some keys, but these flying houses remain open to the interpretation, it’s finally the observer who will make his own way.


FR_ Les "Maisons volantes" sont une vision poétique d’un vieux Paris où Laurent Chéhère convoque et mélange ses influences, Jules Verne, Albert Robida, Moebius, Hayao Miyazaki, Albert Lamorisse, Wim Wenders, Federico Fellini, Marcel Carné, Jean Cocteau et beaucoup d’autres. Ces bâtiments s'inspirent aussi des quartiers pauvres et cosmopolites de Paris comme Belleville et Ménilmontant où vit l’auteur. À travers un constat tragique et mélancolique, elles témoignent poétiquement et subtilement d’une réalité contemporaine alarmante en dévoilant les méandres et les inquiétudes d’une classe appauvrie de la société, en particulier les gens du voyage et les immigrés.  L’auteur isole ces bâtiments de leur contexte urbain et tente de les sortir de l’anonymat de la rue pour raconter la vie, les rêves et les espoirs de ces habitants. Techniquement, c’est un photomontage, après une esquisse, il photographie des centaines d’éléments, toit, fenêtres, gouttière, cheminée, personnages, antennes, graffitis et ciel, ensuite assemble tout sur son ordinateur avec un logiciel de retouche numérique. En galerie, les images sont montrées en très grand format (120x120 cm) et laissent aux curieux le loisir d’observer les détails de ces re-constructions méticuleuses en proposant une double lecture, une de loin et une de près. L'artiste utilise cette distance pour proposer un point de vue différent et alerter contre les idées reçues et les préjugés. Tous les ingrédients sont là, la comédie, le drame, la poésie, la noirceur, l’onirisme, le rire et les larmes... tous s’entremêlent. L’auteur donne quelques clés mais ces maisons qui volent restent ouvertes à l’interprétation et c’est finalement l’observateur qui fera son propre chemin.






John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheyboygan, USA, oct 2, 2016 - january 22, 2017 - GROUP SHOW

Kirkkopopuisto Photo annual, Äkkigalleria, Jyväskylä, Finland, sept 22 - oct 9 - SOLO SHOW

The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, Beetles & Huxley Gallery, London, UK, oct 22-23 - ART FAIR

Texas Contemporary Art Fair, Muriel Guépin Gallery, Houston, USA, sept 29 - oct 2 - ART FAIR

Brooklyn, Photoville Opening Night, United Photo Industries Gallery, USA, sept 21 - GROUP SHOW

Brooklyn, The Fence Outdoor Photography Festival, United Photo Industries Gallery, USA, july 21 - sept 18 - GROUP SHOW

Cosmocow, Contemporary art auction by Christie’s with the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in benefit of Naked Heart Foundation, Moscow, Russia, sept 9 - 11 - AUCTION

Boston, The Fence Outdoor Photography Festival, United Photo Industries Gallery, USA, may 1 - 8 - GROUP SHOW

Sydney Head on Photo Festival with Tokyo International Photography Festival, Australia - april 30 - may 8 - GROUP SHOW

Le Mans Theatre des Quinconces, France - april 21 - june 25 - SOLO SHOW

Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, curator Sujong Song, China, april 5 -18 - GROUP SHOW

Galerie du Conseil d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme et de l’Environnement, Limoges, France, april 2 - 16 - SOLO SHOW

Jaipur Travel Photo Festival, curator Lola Mac Dougall, India, feb 5 - 14 - GROUP SHOW



Scope Miami Beach, Muriel Guepin Gallery, New York, USA : dec 1 - 6 - ART FAIR

GuatePhoto Festival with Tokyo International Photography Festival, Guatemala City, nov 12 - 30 - GROUP SHOW

Lishui International Photography Festival, curator Sujong Song, China, nov 6 - 20 - GROUP SHOW

United Photo Industries Gallery with Tokyo International Photography Festival, New York, USA, oct 1 - nov 21 - GROUP SHOW

Tokyo International Photography Festival, Japan, oct 9 - 18 - GROUP SHOW

Seoul Lunar International Photography Festival, curator Sujong Song, South Korea, sept 23 - 27 - GROUP SHOW

Nuart Festival, Stavanger, Norway, sept 7 - oct 11 - GROUP SHOW

Hotel de Caumont, Art Center, Aix-en-Provence, France, may 6 - nov 1- SOLO SHOW

Toronto Art Fair, Muriel Guepin Gallery, New York, USA, oct 22 - 26 - ART FAIR

Paraty Em Foco, International Photography Festival, Brazil, sept 23 - 27 - GROUP SHOW

Artmkrt Hampton’s, Muriel Guepin Gallery, New York, USA, july 9 - 12 - ART FAIR

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, Russia, april 14 - june 21 - SOLO SHOW

Fotografica Bogota, International Biennial of Photography, National Museum of Photography, Colombia, may 4 - june 14 - GROUP SHOW

Art Miami New York, Paris-Beijing Gallery, New York, USA, may 14 - 17 - ART FAIR

San Francisco Art Market, Muriel Guepin Gallery, New York, USA, april 29 - may 3 - ART FAIR

Muriel Guepin Gallery, New York, USA, jan 15 - feb 22 - GROUP SHOW



Miami Project, Muriel Guepin Gallery, USA, dec 2 - 7 - ART FAIR

City of Image, Clervaux, Luxemburg, oct 1 - sept 30, 2015 - GROUP SHOW

Reed Projects Gallery, Stavanger, Norway, dec - GROUP SHOW

ArtMRKT Hamptons, Muriel Guépin Gallery, Bridgehampton, USA, july 10 - 13 - ART FAIR

Jules & Jim Gallery, Paris, France, july 13 - oct 28 - SOLO SHOW

Contemporary Art Center of Meymac, Abbey Saint-André, France, july 18 - nov 2 - GROUP SHOW

AAF New York, Muriel Guepin Gallery, USA, april 3 - 6 - ART FAIR

Art Karlsruhe, Biesenbach Gallery, Germany, march 13 - 16 - ART FAIR

Art Stage Singapore, Paris-Beijing Gallery, jan 16 - 19 - ART FAIR

Art Fair London, Muriel Guepin Gallery, UK, jan 15 - 19 - ART FAIR

Galerie Dans le Ciel, Cannes, France, dec 28 - jan 28 - GROUP SHOW



Photo Pnom Penh, curator Christian Caujolle, Institut Français, Cambodia, nov 30 - dec 31 - GROUP SHOW

Miami Project, Muriel Guepin Gallery, USA, dec 3 - 8 - ART FAIR

ParisPhoto, Paris-Beijing Gallery, Grand-Palais, Paris, France, nov - ART FAIR

Galeria Inox, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, nov 13 - dec 15 - SOLO SHOW

Muriel Guepin Gallery, New York, USA, nov 1 - dec 8 - SOLO SHOW

Parcours-Saint-Germain event, Gerard Darel Shop, Paris-Beijing Gallery, Paris, France, oct 17 - 27 - GROUP SHOW

Getxophoto, curator Christian Caujolle, Bilbao, Spain, sept - GROUP SHOW

SP ARTE Foto, Galeria Lume, Sao Paulo, Brazil, aug 21 - 25 - ART FAIR

Galeria Lume, Sao Paulo, Brazil, may 24 - june 30 - SOLO SHOW

Paris-Beijing Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, march 7 - may 22 - GROUP SHOW

Art Paris, Paris-Beijing Gallery, Grand Palais, France, march 28 - april 1st - ART FAIR

Art Karlsruhe, Biesenbach Gallery, Germany, march 7 - 10 - ART FAIR

Fototropia, La Fototeca Center for Contemporary Photography, Guatemala City, march 7 - april 22 - GROUP SHOW

Biesenbach Gallery, Köln, Germany, feb 21 - april 14 - GROUP SHOW

Art 13, Paris-Beijing Gallery, London, UK, march 1 - 3 - ART FAIR



Context Art Fair of Miami, Gallery Paris-Beijing, USA, dec 4 - 9 - ART FAIR

Gallery Paris-Beijing in Paris, France, oct 16 - dec 22 - SOLO SHOW

SP ARTE Foto, Galeria Lume, Sao Paulo, Brazil, nov - ART FAIR

SLICK, Paris-Beijing Gallery, Paris, France, oct 17 - 21 - ART FAIR

Fotofever, Paris-Beijing Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, oct 4 - 7 - ART FAIR

Pingyao International Festival of Photography, curator Dominique Charlet, China, sept 19 - 25 - GROUP SHOW

The Docks City of Fashion and Design, Paris, France, may 31- june 30 - GROUP SHOW


Laurent Chéhère is a french artist, born in 1972 at the foot of the parisian hill of Ménilmontant, a neighborhoods he explores with the same unceasing curiosity as he does in Bamako, Lhasa, Tokyo, Valparaiso or Srinagar. Early on his life, he was immersed in the images of popular culture. His father would make scripted holiday films with his Super 8 camera, his mother transmits the virus of drawing and his brothers was passionate by theater… and the young Laurent? He dreams in the atelier of his grand father Joseph, a house painter and typographer of a village in Normandy. To his young eyes, the place was extraordinary as Alibaba’s cave. Of course it’s not enough to be an artist but you never know! Thus, he came to spend the last 20 years traveling around the world taking photographs starting with his own city. A veritable tower of Babel where you can meet the world crossing the street. These working class neighborhoods of Paris are his playing field, his principal source of inspiration, his own point of departure and arrival. It’s here in the places, where every street corner offers an escape through the foreigners accents, the spice perfumes, the orientation of satellite dish, that he discovered a passion for travel, and for people and stories from around the world. It’s there, also, where he returns to better tell these stories. And Because his inspiration are numerous and varied, he was chosen to bring them together in these flying houses that carry their univers, their atmosphere, their history, everything that the artist wanted to put there, but also everything the public will want to see there.


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